Flying the flag for St Andrew’s Day

Scottish Saltire

We will soon be celebrating St Andrew’s Day here at Loch Ness and we would be delighted if you can join us on or around what is Scotland’s national day. Andrew was, in fact, a busy man and he is also the patron saint of Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Barbados and Tenerife!

Andrew is believed to have been the brother of Peter and son of Jonah born beside the sea of Galilee. The Bible says that, when Jesus called Andrew and Peter to be disciples, he used the term “fishers of men”.

St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on the 30th November and there a few Loch Ness tours and cruises you can enjoy with us on the specific day.

The Scottish Government officially declared St Andrew’s Day a National Holiday in 2006. However, it is believed to have been a national festival from the time of Malcolm 3rd in 1034 to 1093. It is the first festival after Advent and the start of the winter festivities as well as the build up to Christmas.

All over the world, the day is celebrated with a mixture of Scottish culture, food, music and dance. Wherever you are, it is a great opportunity for you to seek out the best Scottish produce, often exported for the occasion.
Cheeses, salmon, whisky, beer and gin along with oatcakes, shortbread and the finest Scottish lamb, beef and venison. You can savour the flavour of Scotland!

Have a Highland fling

Saint Andrew’s Day is also an official flag day in Scotland and anywhere Scots are to be found.

The Scottish flag has blue background with a white cross and is known as the Saltire or Saint Andrew’s cross. It can be seen on many official buildings and, of course, it will be flying from the stern of our Loch Ness by Jacobite boats.

You, too, can fly the flag by visiting us around St Andrew’s Day. And you can extend your trip with an interesting itinerary around the Highlands.

For example, your trip could include:

  • A Jacobite cruise to Urquhart Castle.
  • Visit to the tower at Inverness Castle.
  • Exploration of the Culloden battlefield and Clava Cairns as featured in the TV series Outlander.
  • Some whisky tasting at Tomatin Distillery.
  • Beer tasting at Cairngorm Brewery.
  • Some great eating experiences at the superb restaurants on Inverness.
  • An evening in Hootenanny, for some traditional Scottish music.

Whether you’re Scottish or not, you can enjoy St Andrew’s Day in style when you join us here at Loch Ness in the Highlands. In fact, you can celebrate Scotland with us all year round!