Loch Ness Monster – Latest Sighting

Loch Ness Monster sighting photograph.

An Australian couple are the latest people to produce evidence to suggest something large and animate lives in the deep dark waters of Loch Ness.

Similar sighting have gone back to as long ago as 564 AD when St Columba, on his Christian pilgrimage to convert the native inhabitants, had an encounter with a large “Water Beast”.

In modern times, sightings have been recorded since 1934 when Aldie Mackay witnessed something strange in Loch Ness. Since then, there have been some 4000 other sightings.

However, this latest sighting also has a very interesting photograph which has been described as everything from a floating tree trunk to plastic debris left over from a film set.

Phillippa Wearne, from Sydney, Australia, is an eminent retired lawyer and watched the object from 150 yards off shore.

Her partner Peter Jackson showed the picture to various authorities on the subject in the area including Gary Campbell, of the Official Sightings Registry. Gary said, “there is no clear explanation as to what the family caught on camera”.

It is more than co-incidental that this time period – June and July – seems to be the most prolific time for sightings throughout these years since 1934. A recent blog post told of Ian Cameron’s longest sighting 52 years ago on June 15th.

They can’t all be wrong. The truth is still out there …