An Ode to Freda Newton MBE

Freda Newton MBE

Ode to Freda Newton
Listen to the Ode to Freda Newton MBE,
written and narrated by Willie Cameron

The lady at the helm of Loch Ness by Jacobite
Runs a very efficient business and keeps us all just right
To appreciate the value in exceeding customer care
When they cruise with us on our fleet that is beyond compare.

She was the forerunner to improve the tourist offer at Loch Ness
She turned this a destination into the very best
To achieve this goal she sits on boards, committees and difficult judging panels
She travels the world on missions, meeting operators, media and even TV channels

Over and above her tourism hat, she has interests far and wide
With her beloved horses standing at her side
Her input in the equestrian world is well known in that scene
Her investment in her community helps to fulfil her dream
To boost the Highland economy, Loch Ness and the Great Glen
To showcase all its attributes and score the perfect 10
To give all our tourists an experience beyond their expectations
And send out to the world Loch Ness by Jacobite invitations
To come and experience for themselves a cruise that is second to none
From the rising of the moon to the setting of the sun

So it is with great pleasure we heard on the jungle drums of the Highland media scene
That our beloved Freda Newton had been honoured by the Queen
You all know that we have our Nessie that we rarely see
But we have something better now Freda will show you her MBE
An honour bestowed on a lady much deserved
For her input to the Highlands, done humbly and reserved.
So all of you out there raise your glasses to toast the very best
Freda Newton MBE
Our lady of Loch Ness