Ode from Loch Ness – for Jacobite Jess


You all really know me cos you’ve seen me before
I’m Nessie’s cousin immersed in folklore

Of Highlands and Islands and lands of the west
You’ll always find me close to Loch Ness

My life with Jacobite has been a ball
Going to events and travelling with all the main players of the Jacobite team
To trade shows and expos and living the dream

I have been to China and wonderful Hong Kong
They even got me singing an old Scottish song

My cousin Nessie was jealous and green
When I appeared on Facebook in the carousel scene
At Inverness Airport where you will arrive
When you come to the Highlands for a wee holiday skive

I have appeared at Highland Games and the Black Isle show
Boat launches and parties and all things that go on down at Loch Ness where I’m found most days
Entertaining the tourists with our quaint highland ways

I’ve been to America, Brazil and Peru
And I’ve even met a Chinaman called Fu Man Chu
All the people of the world who come to Loch Ness
Go away with a memory of Jacobite Jess

My cousin Nessie has been around for a very long time
She met St Columba the man with the sign

She met Robert Rines and Adrian Shine
But I am so busy I don’t have the time

Sometimes I am up and I have to leave
To open a masterclass with Loch Ness Steve
That’s Feltham by name who has lived here for years
A real gentleman
Whose abode is an old mobile library – now a caravan

He makes model Nessies in coloured playdoh
And sells to the tourists
By jove do they go

So if you arrive at Loch Ness and you want a tale
Go on the Jacobite for a fine sail
Down the loch to Urquhart Castle
Booking on line is free of hassle

Hopefully your experience will be one of the best
And if you don’t find Nessie, I am your Jacobite Jess

You can buy me on board or at Dochgarroch Lock
When you collect your tickets in my little shop
You will also get info about your forthcoming trip
Sailing Loch Ness on a Jacobite ship

So thank you all for listening on line
As we know life is a slog
So read regularly our Jacobite blog

– Willie Cameron