The Loch – as big a mystery as the Loch Ness Monster

The Loch - TV series

TV’s latest thriller The Loch is becoming as big a mystery as the Loch Ness Monster! In fact, the longer it goes on the more confusing it becomes as a myriad of characters appear on our screens. Like our very own Loch Ness Monster, there are always at least two schools of thought.

With regard to the television production, some people are gripped to the edge of their seats. Who is the killer? Who is linked to who, past and present? The plot thickens!

Others think the whole thing is an amateurish attempt at extending the current interest in the Tartan Noir genre, in the footsteps of Rebus, Taggart, Shetland, and the original Laidlaw from the pen of the late William McIlvanney.

Whatever you think about the TV series, its location and story are firmly based in the Highlands of Scotland. And, apart from the characters themselves, Loch Ness is the star and an integral part of the story.

For those who haven’t seen any episodes, you can watch it on ITV’s Hub or, if you are interested, the DVD box set is being released on 17th July.

That could be your summer sorted … view the TV series AND take a cruise here at Loch Ness to see the star herself and the various locations featured in the programme.

The TV story centres around Lochnafoy, described as a village drowned in secrets. At an early point, the local music teacher is found murdered at the bottom of a cliff – Carn Mohr – with ligature wounds on his wrists and a rather large head injury. The investigation is headed up by a local police officer, Annie Redford, who is torn between family and career.

Other big mystery

The other characters are all typical of people involved in the day-to-day life of a Highland village at the side of a tourist attraction. In this case, the loch of the story and its mystery.

Here are some soundbites of the reviews from the public.

“Good looking show but ITV are killing the suspense by showing the following week’s trailer.”

“I reckon ‘The Loch’ is like early episodes of ‘Twin Peaks’. Wouldn’t it be great if it heads off on crazy tangents? The monster provides plenty of scope for that.”

“My bet is the mother has Munchausen by Proxy.”

“Too many genre cliche boxes are being ticked but I can’t stop watching it!”

It is compelling and, also like the other big mystery on Loch Ness, it captures the imagination. Watch it then come see for yourself. We’d love to welcome you.