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Loch Ness Story Sound Bites

Loch Ness Monster Sightings

The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is considered to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries. More than 1000 sightings have been recorded, some of which have been exposed as hoaxes, while most others have remained unexplained.

Eyewitnesses have compared the creature to a hump-backed sea serpent or a plesiosaur, an aquatic reptile with a long neck and flippers that lived on the earth 65 million years ago.

The depth and low visibility of Loch Ness mean that, to date, no definitive proof has been produced to confirm the existence, or non-existence, of the Loch Ness Monster.

Perhaps you will spot Nessie today? Meanwhile, here is a selection of sightings by others.


May 20

An object was seen moving across the water by nine members of staff and guests at 9.55am, at the Loch Ness Lodge, at Brackla on the north shore.

The sighting lasted almost 15 minutes and the object created a wake as it moved. Pictures were taken with a smartphone but were not clear due to the distance of approximately 1.2 kilometres to the object.

May 2

A local gamekeeper reported seeing something at 8.30am from the top of Dores Hill. It created a 50-foot-long wake from the north to the south side of the loch near Dores. The gamekeeper said it was "an amazing sight … I have never seen anything like it”.


An image was spotted on Google Earth by Bjarne Sjöstrand, of Stockholm, Sweden. Bjarne analysed the image and concluded that the object was around 31 metres long, but didn’t appear to be moving at speed. The part of the loch where the picture was taken is known as Horse Shoe Scree. The image can be viewed on Google Earth and Google Maps at 57°10'25.30"N, 4°36'53.53"W.

January 12

A shadowy form was spotted by Andy Dixon, of County Durham, England, using Apple's satellite map app. The image was reviewed by Scottish Canals, which has the navigation rights to Loch Ness, but they were unable to provide an explanation.


September 7

The unexplained image spotted on the Apple map app was first reported by Peter Thain, of Northumberland, England.


October 25

Something that looked like a boat wake – but there were no boats in sight – was spotted in the water near Inverfarigaig by Ken Ross and his wife, both of Inverness. Ken said: “The cause of the wake appeared to be travelling at a fair speed before the wake ceased.”

August 25

A small “whale-like” creature was photographed by Joanne Assleman off a jetty near Drumnadrochit.


September 7

A large dark shape was photographed in the water near Dores Fish Farm, at 8.30am, by Jon Rowe, a fish farm worker.

August 24

An image of a 1.5 metres wide creature approximately 23 metres below the surface in Urquhart Bay was captured by Marcus Atkinson, a local skipper, on his boat’s sonar system.

June 15

A creature with a long neck was reported to have appeared for 30-40 seconds near the village of Foyers by locals Mr and Mrs Hargreaves.

May 24

What looked like a creature in the water was photographed by William and Joan Jobes while walking beside the loch at Fort Augustus.


November 20

Pictures of mysterious humps, near Aldourie Castle, were taken by Richard Preston, a landscape architect.


June 6

A hump in the water near the Clansman Hotel was spotted by Douglas MacDougall.


May 22

An unexplained sonar contact, 60 feet below the loch’s surface, was recorded by Loch Ness investigator Gordon Holmes, from Yorkshire, England.

February 8

Four photographs of a creature moving north in the water near Inverfarigaig, on the south side of the loch, were taken on a mobile phone by Brenda Ellis, from Foyers.  She said the creature was black / brown in colour and moved in the water for 10-15 minutes.


May 26

A video of an unknown creature was recorded at 9.50pm from a layby at the north end of the loch by Loch Ness investigator Gordon Holmes. He described the creature as four-to-six feet long and swimming at around 6mph. 

March 27

An unknown animal was photographed by Sidney and Janet Wilson from the back of a cruise boat near Urquhart Castle.


January 28

A black cone-shaped creature was spotted circling round in a whirlpool-like motion about one-quarter of the way across the loch by Mrs Murphy, from Inverness. She had been driving south at 11.30am on the A82 near the youth hostel at Alltsigh. The sighting lasted four minutes and the weather conditions were clear with no wind.


October 15

Robbie Girvan, owner of the Loch Ness Caravan Park, at Invermoriston, took five photos of what he described as a four-foot-high head and neck protruding from the water at 6pm. Previously a non-believer, he said that the “dark green and silvery” creature could only have been Nessie.

September 9

An unknown entity overtook a craft that was cruising just south of Urquhart at a speed of nine knots. All three people on board, including a retired Master Mariner, reported never having seen anything like it before. The sighting lasted several minutes, and the unknown entity disappeared when the boat moved towards it.

August 28

A "long-necked, curved-headed" creature was spotted in the loch, at 8.30am, by Kelly Yeats and Neil McKenzie, from Bridge of Dee, who were staying at Foyers Bay House. The sighting lasted 10 minutes.

August 11

The head of a large animal was seen moving through the loch at 6pm by Mr Bell and his family, from Newcastle, England, who were on the veranda of a holiday lodge at Foyers. They said the head was larger than that of a cow and was about a third of the way across the loch.


August 17

Three dark humps were seen some 150 metres from the shore between Invermoriston and Fort Augustus, at 4pm, by Tom Clegg, of Worcestershire, England.  He said the humps were animate and the sighting lasted for five seconds.

April 11

Two holidaymakers were walking along Dores beach at around 10am when they noticed something in the water.  The unknown entity remained for around five minutes, moved very slowly from left to right and was around 200 to 300 feet and no more than two or three feet out of the water.

February 5

A regular Nessie watcher captured an image of something come out of the water close to Urquhart Bay and disappear a few minutes later on the Nessie on the Net webcam.


June 1

The captain of a local cruise boat reported seeing a fast moving v-shaped wake on the surface of the loch at 2.10pm.  The water was very calm at the time and the wake was said to be about 1000 feet long with the creature at the head of it travelling at about 35mph.

May 23

Local coastguard skipper George Edwards saw a six-foot-long creature surface for about two-to-three minutes close to Urquhart Castle at around 1pm. Mr Edwards said the creature was dark grey in colour, with a rough texture to its skin and was about 18 inches above the water.


August 10

An unknown object was seen travelling across the water at speed by a man travelling on the A82 towards Fort Augustus.  It created a substantial wake and was above the water for about 15-20 seconds.

July 17

A “swirl of white water” was seen being pushed around in a semi-circle for about four-to-five minutes at 9.30am by a man from the Highland village of Roybridge.

April 13

A local man and his daughter spotted something moving at the head of a wake across Urquhart Bay.  They had a clear view on a calm surface for about 5-10 seconds of the object, which was about 200 metres out from Urquhart Castle.

February 27

Something was seen moving quickly from Tor Point to the Clansman Hotel by two local residents of Dores, at the north end of the loch. They said that it created a wake and reported seeing splashing from its head.


November 21

A dark hump was spotted out on the loch, not far from Urquhart Castle, at 2pm, by two local women.  Dark grey in colour, the hump was stationary for one-to-two minutes before disappearing below the surface of the water.

August 12

A black hump was seen in the water near the Invermoriston Caravan and Camping Park by a holiday maker from Duns, Scotland, and his grandson. It appeared for three-to-four seconds.

August 5

A large black form was seen rising from the water by Andrew Bain, from Aberdeen, who was watching the loch from Fort Augustus at around 9pm. It remained visible for around five seconds.  A smaller black hump then appeared close to the first before both disappeared.

May 5

What appeared to be a head and neck coming out of the water were photographed by James Gray, near Invermoriston Bay, about 30 metres from his boat.

January 10

Pictures of a wake moving against the current were taken by Dougie Barbour, from Glasgow, from a layby near the Clansman Hotel, during mid-afternoon.


September 4

Two humps were seen in the water close to Cherry Island, at the south end of the loch, by a man from Fort Augustus.

August 23

A creature was filmed in the water for 18 minutes in Invermoriston Bay by Robert Pollock, of Glasgow.  It moved around before disappearing below the surface.

August 3

A v-shaped wake was seen moving through the water, at 11.15am, off Boleskine and near Foyers, by two students touring the Highlands.

July 13

A photo of a large double-humped object in the middle of the loch was taken by holidaymakers Melissa Bavister and Chris Rivett.

June 22

A “triangular-shaped mound” was seen by David Myers to rise out of the water to a height of about two feet, at 1pm, from the loch side, close to the Clansman Hotel.

June 20

Some images of a head and neck-shaped object crossing Urquhart Bay were captured by Gavin Joth, a Canadian watching the Loch Ness webcam.

May 16

Ornithologist Jonathan Whitehead was on a walking trip around the loch when, at about 10.30am, he saw what appeared to be a head and neck protruding from the water as he looked across Urquhart Bay.

February 17

A dark shape appeared on the water about half a mile away from Allan White and his family, from Australia, who were looking out over the loch from the A82.

February 12

James Dalton was visiting the loch from Aberdeen when he saw an unusual movement of water, as something broke the surface near Horseshoe Scree.

January 8

An object, some 15 feet long and five feet tall, was seen in the water by former soldier John Catto as he made his way to Drumnadrochit. 

January 3

A black neck and head were seen to emerge, cause a disturbance and progressively move in the water mid-way across the loch by Melvin Hughes, his wife and two children.  They were at a picnic area above Foyers, about half a mile from the loch.


September 14

A black-coloured object was spotted on the surface of the loch in Urquhart Bay at about 11.30am by a couple touring the area. It appeared to be about three feet long and one foot tall at its highest point. The object then moved against the waves, creating a wake as it did so. The couple saw some kind of water disturbance about three feet behind the object, which appeared to rise slightly out of the water before submerging.

July 5

A creature was seen in the middle of the loch at 9am by a couple on holiday from Huntly, They watched for about 20 minutes as it moved up the loch, close to the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park, at Invermoriston.

March 30

A group of six-to-seven people saw a head and neck rise from the water, 200 yards from the south shore of the loch.  They watched from a layby opposite Urquhart Castle as the black shape rose and then disappeared, only to reappear a few minutes later. One witness described the head as being about 18 inches in height.

February 22

An out-of-the-water sighting was reported for the first time since June, 1963. An American visitor was at the beach between Dores and Foyers at about 8.30pm when he spotted a creature between 10 metres and 15 metres in length, with a long neck. The creature scurried into the water as the man approached.


December 31

A local couple saw a hump-shaped like an upturned boat for about 10-15 seconds during the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

October 24

A couple from Hertfordshire, England, saw a large creature moving under the water, about half way up the loch, at 11am.

October 20

A local van driver spotted something in the flat calm waters of the loch at 11am, near Cherry Island. 

September 22

A monster hunter undertaking an early morning watch of the loch reported a strange fast-moving wake near the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park, at Invermoriston.

September 5

Mr Mitchell and his family, from Newcastle, were on board a boat when he videoed an unidentified creature just south of Urquhart Castle.

July 16

An Invermoriston woman saw a wake and humps travelling across the loch towards her at 9.30pm.

July 12

A high-speed, v-shaped wake was seen to appear in the middle of the loch by a man visiting from Fife.

June 19

A group enjoying an evening cruise on the Jacobite Queen saw a large object in the water near Urquhart Castle.

June 17

Four men saw a large creature in the loch, early in the morning, near Inverfarigaig.

May 30

A black object, about 10 feet high in the water, was seen beside Urquhart Castle by a woman from Marlborough, England.



October 24

A black hump was photographed in the water near the jetty at Fort Augustus by a man from Birmingham, England.

August 13

A large dark-coloured object was reported to have appeared in the water near Abriachan and moved through the water at speed.

August 9

A camper staying at the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park, at Invermoriston, reported hearing something splashing about in the water and a strange buzzing noise at 3am.

July 4

A Loch Ness cruise boat reported a sonar contact at a depth of 300 feet, similar to those spotted on July 2.

July 2

A Loch Ness cruise boat reported two sonar contacts at a depth of 400 feet in a trench just north of Fort Augustus.

June 21

A dark object was spotted moving swiftly across the loch about one mile south of Urquhart Castle at 9am. 

June 14

A report was made of a pole-like object with a small head that looked around before disappearing below the water near Dores.

May 28

Elaine Hall saw a series of humps move through the water at Invermoriston.

March 22

Richard White, of Muir of Ord, was travelling down the south side of the loch when he saw a number of black humps moving through the water about 200 metres from the shore.

March 17

A local man, from Glenurquhart, reported seeing two humps in the water close to Abriachan.

February 16

A family reported seeing an object travelling quickly through the water near Foyers.

Summer period

Members of an expedition led by Bob Rines reported four contacts with large entities recorded on sonar in the Urquhart Bay area.


September 7

Several "black and shiny" humps were spotted appearing in the middle of the loch near Abriachan.

August 22

Two humps and a tail were spotted by fishermen near Invermoriston.

August 18

A head and neck were photographed near the Invermoriston Campsite.

August 11

A photo was taken of “a solid black object” in the water across from Abriachan.

August 9

A photo was taken of an unidentified object in the water opposite Urquhart Bay.

August 1

A shiny black hump was seen off the pier at Fort Augustus in late afternoon.

July 21

Two people reported a dark hump appearing in the Invermoriston area.

July 1

Two black lumps were spotted appearing from the water between Dores and Abriachan.

June 13

A frothy disturbance was seen by 16 people near Foyers in the evening.

May 14

A photo - believed to be still in the hands of NASA - was taken of “something spooky” at the loch.

May 13

An object and its wake were seen at the Urquhart Castle area around midday.

April 10

A dark object with a visible head and neck was seen and pursued four miles down the loch.

April 9

Two humps were seen rising from the water and left a trail behind, north of Fort Augustus.

A shiny black object with a 30-foot trail was spotted just north of Fort Augustus.

March 14

A dark hump was seen twice, in quick succession, between Dores and Abriachan.

March 7

A large black "lump" was seen travelling across the loch towards Dores from Abriachan.

March 1

A cigar-shaped object was seen at the entrance to the Caledonian Canal, at Fort Augustus.



A head, neck and body rising out of loch near Urquhart Castle were seen by Lorna Taylor.


As reported in the Sunday Telegraph on July 30, Bill Bolton and Allan Whitfield spotted something unexplained from the Loch Ness Submarine.


September 2

Three black humps and a wake in the loch, opposite Urquhart Castle, were caught on camera by holidaymakers Luis and Luisa Guimares, from Portugal. The sighting was also witnessed by Inverness taxi driver Iain MacGregor.

August 26

A black object was seen moving across the loch 2.5 kilometres north of Fort Augustus by James Brown. It was estimated to be 1.2 metres wide and 1.8 metres long with an oval body.

July 25

A photo of a creature “with a long neck” was taken by Peter Hanson, of Yorkshire, on a trip in the Loch Ness Submarine.

June 1

Something unexplained was spotted by Fiona Mackay and Erroll David. This was reported in Paleoworld : The Loch Ness Secret, a US documentary series.


Rita Gold spotted something unexplained on the far side of the loch from the Clansman Marina.


August 10

As later reported in the Highland News, Roland O' Brien spotted something unexplained in Dores Bay.

June 22

A photo showing a wake moving down the loch near Dores was taken by Edna MacInnes. The creature was also seen from the other side of the loch by James McIntosh and his son.

May 5

Something unexplained was spotted by Mr C. Mitchell at 6.30pm near Foyers.        


November 30

A creature with a large head rising about four feet out of the water was seen by Jockie Thomson, of Primrose Bay, Invermoriston. The sighting lasted three minutes.

September 19

Something unexplained was spotted by Mr and Mrs Fulton from a moored boat at 10.30am in Urquhart Bay.    

September 18

As later reported in the Inverness Courier, Rhona More, from Glen Urquhart, spotted something unexplained between Abriachan and the Clansman Hotel.

September 17

Stuart Ross MacDonald spotted something unexplained between Foyers and Inverness. 


Something unexplained was spotted in Urquhart Bay by Mrs Valery Ann Moffat.


Steve Feltham spotted something unexplained at Fort Augustus. The incident was reported in an interview in The CFZ Yearbook in 2004.     



Cruise boat worker Hector MacDonald spotted something unexplained between Tor Point and Dores Bay.

June 28

Margaret MacLennan, of Dores, reported an early morning sighting of a creature that was around six feet in length with a “crocodile skin” moving against the wind, about 30 yards from her house.


October 13

Something unexplained was spotted in Urquhart Bay by Helen Cross.

April 26

A “huge creature” was seen circling in the water near the mouth of the River Foyers by Trevor Davis and Jimmy MacIntyre, both of Inverness. Its neck rose six feet out of the water.

April 23

As later reported in the Inverness Courier, Michael Davies spotted something unexplained.


June 25

A 10-foot-long animal with a basketball-sized head was filmed zig-zagging across Urquhart Bay at 4.45pm by Mrs Judy Chafin, from Vancouver Island, USA. The sighting was verified as an unknown animal by Dr Gordon Williamson, an Inverness-based marine biologist.

May 30

A large hump with its own wake was seen in the loch near the Clansman Hotel, at 11.30am in clear, bright weather by Mr and Mrs Bergquist, from San Diego, USA.


December 29

Ron and Gavin Carty spotted something unexplained near Urquhart Castle.

October 25

Something unexplained was observed near Urquhart Castle at 10.45am by Neal Stevenson.

August 31

John Galbraith, skipper of the Campbeltown-based prawn trawler “Sapphire”, picked up an unusual sonar reading in Foyers Bay. The creature was estimated to be between 90 and 120 feet long and the sighting lasted two minutes.


Something unexplained was spotted between Fort August and Invermoriston by Andrew Williams and his girlfriend.

June 3

As reported in The Sunday Post, Norman Mackenzie spotted something unexplained at Johnny's Point, 2.5 miles from the shore at Fort Augustus.

May 19

Mr D.C. Williams spotted something unexplained.

May 9

Frank Iannella spotted something unexplained.         

Early May

Andreas Trottman spotted something unexplained in Urquhart Bay at around 6.30am.    


Something unexplained was seen in the loch by Laura Miller and four friends.


October 9

A large unidentified object moving in the loch was located by Adrian Shine, leader of Operation Deepscan. He believed it to be a living creature.

September 21

Jim Hogg and Alan O'Hara spotted something unexplained at 3.50pm.          

August 28

Mrs C. Wilcox spotted something unexplained.

August 22

Tommy Mattson spotted something unexplained in the middle of the loch at 2.47pm. 

July 23

Ron MacLennan spotted something unexplained at 4.40pm, near Tor Point.

July 21

Barbara Grant spotted something unexplained at 8.30am near Abriachan.      


Lorraine Davidson spotted something unexplained in the evening around mid-June.             


Miles Cato spotted something unexplained near Borlum Bay.    

Early March

As reported in the Press and Journal on March 7, Dr and Mrs Ayles spotted something unexplained.   


November 12

A dark grey object was seen in the middle of the loch opposite Urquhart Castle by Mr Alan Lamb and his wife, Helen. The sighting took place at 8.45am and lasted five minutes.  


A reported in the Highland News on November 22, Norrie Macleod spotted something unexplained at Dores.

Early October

Jean Skeldon spotted something unexplained one evening in Dores Bay.

August 17

A dark shape was seen surfacing and submerging near Urquhart Castle by Sharon Boulton and Catriona Murray, both of Drumnadrochit.

Early June

Brian O'Brian spotted something unexplained outside Urquhart Bay.



An unknown creature, about 10 to 15 feet long, was seen “snaking” through the water some 50 yards from the shore, just south of Dores. The sighting, by a family who were holidaying in the area, lasted about 10 minutes.

If the monster sightings above have inspired you to carry out your own search for Nessie, the best place to begin is by booking a cruise at Loch Ness by Jacobite – we’re keen to welcome you onboard for an unforgettable adventure.

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