Hollywood vs the Highlands

Nessie isn't the only legend to grace the Highlands! The names Bond, James Bond. And it's coming to a town near you, well.. us! It's all go in the lovely little town of Aviemore as film crews pitch up and prepare to film scenes as part of the new James Bond movie.

This isn't the first time we've welcomed the bright lights of Hollywood to the Highlands. Throw it back to 2012 when Daniel Craig returned to his routes to film Sky Fall in the awe-inspiring Glencoe. Eilean Donan Castle appeared in the film "The World is Not Enough" Remember when the bagpipes doubled up as machine guns?! And that's only James Bond - we haven't even gotten started on Harry Potter! It wasn't just the magic wands that got everyone hooked. Set the scene in the rugged glens of the Scottish Highlands and you've got yourself a block buster hit! 

The creme de-la creme to hit the news this week - Netflix are looking for extras as they are also filming in the Highlands. Filming is between 2-20 days, so if we suddenly stop cruising, know its because we are all making our big debut!

All of this excitement doesn't take away from the movie set we sail on 7 days a week 363 days a year! So if you want to experience show stopping views, experience Loch Ness with Loch Ness by Jacobite