The Two Witches

 We've partnered with Kirsty Logan, an award-winning Scottish author, to reinvogorate one of the local folktales we love and bring it to a new and wider audience. 

If you have ever taken a tour with us, you will know Scotland has a wealth of enchanting myths and Loch Ness is simply bursting with them! Like many local folklore, they are not well known outwith the local area and risk being forgotten over time...

The Witches' Stone is one of those tales.

A large rock stands in the water, not far from the shores of Loch Ness. Nobody knows how it got there, or where it came from. But legend has it that a fued between two witches may be the reason why..

Or is it? 

Listen to Kirsty's take on the tale The Two Witches below or read it for yourself on our Instagram story book -