Customer Promise

Loch Ness by Jacobite has achieved a monster reputation for excellence, thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our entire team, from our owner and directors to the crew you'll meet onboard, understand that we have a duty of care when it comes to our customers' safety.

It takes a lot of drills, checks and procedures to ensure that everything is ship shape and plain sailing on the day of your visit to Loch Ness, allowing you to sit back (or stand on deck!) and enjoy a truly memorable experience.

As the only 5 star operator on world-famous Loch Ness, we set very high service standards for our team to follow...

  • We will always go the extra (nautical!) mile for you
  • Your safety is our number one priority (remember, there's a monster out there!)
  • We'll do our best to say yes to any request.
  • We'll send you off with a smile as wide as the Great Glen!